Artificial intelligence in the wine industry

Developing multisensor systems to digitalize wine aroma

PINOT: Project for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Oenological Technology

The art of winemaking is highly complex and calls for a great deal of skill and expertise. As a natural product, wine contains a multitude of components. Many factors affect its aroma, such as climatic conditions, soil properties, and the individual processing steps taken by the winemaker.

Various methods are available to determine wine’s quality and authenticity, from physical and chemi-cal analysis to sensory evaluation by professional tasters. Both are costly and time-consuming, and the latter in particular can vary significantly with different individuals’ senses.

This is where the PINOT project comes in: multisensor systems and artificial intelligence objectively and comprehensively capture the aroma of wine, thereby digitalizing sensory perception.


The aroma of wine is complex and depents on a multitute of ingredients and factors. The vision for the innovation project “PINOT” is to grasp and describe wine aroma with artificial intelligence.


Project “PINOT” is developing a monitoring and early warning system for fermentation processes as well as a device for the sensory description of wine aroma. For this purpose, the human sensory perception of wine as well as the chemical analysis are linked with an analysis by sensors and the evaluation by AI.

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