Boundless variety


Thousands of grape varieties are grown in more than 70 countries around the world, and more than 1000 substances have been identified as contributors to wine aroma. Their concentrations can vary tremendously not only with the grape variety, origin, and vintage, but also with terroir, a term encompassing the many environmental factors, such as soil, terrain, and climate, that give each wine its unique sense of place. The art of winemaking then lies in deciding how best to reveal what the vineyard has to offer. Through the careful selection of production processes and aging methods, winemakers add yet another layer of complexity, their finishing touch, to wine’s aroma. 

The aromatic profile of wine is a product of all these factors and the many interactions between them. Through the objective analysis of wine aroma in project PINOT, the exact nature of these relationships can be better understood, enabling producers and retailers to ensure wine quality and authenticity for their consumers. 

©Stephan Presser Photography