Demo im Fraunhofer IIS Gaslabor

2nd consortium meeting in presence – PINOT continues to gain contour

28.10.2021: A few months had passed since the first meeting of the PINOT members at the wine campus in Neustadt an der Weinstra├če and at the Lergenm├╝ller winery, and a lot had happened among the project partners. While wine with all its facets made its grand appearance at the meeting in August, the second meeting already went into technical depth. This time, the meeting was hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen, which, with its comprehensive expertise in intelligent sensor technology, is a perfect fit as a partner in PINOT. The day started for everyone with an entertaining presentation of the institute before the plenary session got down to the actual project discussion. A special highlight for the guests was certainly the “supporting program” with a laboratory tour and demo on the topics of gas sensor technology and artificial intelligence. Here, not only many years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment were on display, but above all enthusiasm for the cause. In the gas laboratory, which is being specially expanded and equipped for the research work in PINOT, the guests were introduced to the world of sensor technology in a vivid manner. This immediately led to lively discussions and new ideas around PINOT’s central goal of making wine aromas measurable. The discussion continued with the presentation of an AI demonstrator that uses the scent of the beans to distinguish between different types of coffee.

After all, whether it’s wine or coffee, in addition to the respective expertise, intelligent sensory technology is the key that can be used to capture and digitize aromas of various stripes.
With many new impressions and insights for further project work, the day gradually came to an end. But as is well known, after the meeting is before the meeting, and so Fraunhofer IIS said goodbye to its guests with the anticipation of seeing them again soon at Genie Enterprise in Ludwigshafen in early 2022.