Monitoring the fermentation process of wine

At the start of the PINOT research project, a measuring station was designed to monitor the fermentation process of wine at the Lergenm├╝ller winery. Fraunhofer IIS pre-selected three sensors to measure formaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide, humidity and temperature. The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld designed software for these sensors that stores the measurement data in a cloud every ten minutes via WiFi. In this way, the data could be observed and evaluated by all project participants in real time.

(Measuring set-up at the Lergenm├╝ller vineyard, photo: Sebastian Wille)

Wille Engineering developed a measurement set-up which, in addition to the power supply and safety aspects such as fire protection, also includes a pump to feed the gases from the tank into the measurement chamber.

Using this box, data was successfully collected in the period 15.10-27.10.