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  • Learnings Winetasting “Minerality in Wine”

    Learnings Winetasting “Minerality in Wine”

    Use of the term minerality as a wine descriptor is trending. Soil minerals taken up by the grapevine cannot directly impart any flavor to wine, yet increasingly widespread use of the term indicates minerality must nonetheless serve an important function in communicating something about wine. As part of an ongoing international research effort to better…

  • Monitoring the fermentation process of wine

    Monitoring the fermentation process of wine

    At the start of the PINOT research project, a measuring station was designed to monitor the fermentation process of wine at the Lergenm├╝ller winery. Fraunhofer IIS pre-selected three sensors to measure formaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide, humidity and temperature. The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld designed software for these sensors that stores the measurement data in a cloud every…